Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rhum!

Sure, if you’re like us, you may not have considered rum as more than just some fruity concoction to be enjoyed on a tourist-ridden beach.  In reality, rum has wonderful complexity and character, and like fine wines, it changes with the producing region.  Heck, rum really deserves to be celebrated as the sophisticated beverage that it is.  That’s way we’re dedicating an entire Saturday night to help our guests discover the glory and diversity of this truly amazing spirit.

On Saturday, December 8th (6pm to 9pm), Peekamoose will feature a four-course menu, paired lovingly with rare, single estate rum-based cocktails.  Master mixologist, Brendan Edwards will be co-hosting the event and help us navigate the tropical lands that produce these tremendous rums.  Not to be taking our exploration and education too seriously, we have a Pirate Santa on hand to cheer us on, as we merrily raise a glass to celebrate the season.

Reservations are required for this event.  Additional information can be obtained by calling 845-254-6500.

$65 per person, exclusive of tax and service.